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Discipleship by Design As Jesus Walked Beside The Sea Of Galilee, He Saw Simon And His Brother Andrew Casting A Net Into The Lake, For They Were Fishermen Come, Follow Me, Jesus Said, And I Will Make You Fishers Of Men The Relationship Between Jesus And These Brothers Started With The Simple Words, Come, Follow Me In Essence, A Disciple Of Jesus Is A Follower Eventually, Jesus Twelve Followers Will Change The World However, It Is An Inconspicuous And Unremarkable Beginning For An Eventual Team Of World Changers, Don T You Think How Will An Assortment Of Unschooled, Ordinary Men Be Transformed Into Courageous And Substantive Heralds In Just Three Short Years Transformation, Complete And Deep Seated Transformation, Is The Answer How Does A Total Metamorphosis Take Place Within A New Follower Jesus Discipleship Begins With A Personal Relationship And An Invitation To Join A Missional Community Before Followership Is A Program It Is A Leadership Development Process Experienced Within A Culture This Book Seeks To Initiate A Dialogue On How To Foster A Culture Of Discipleship No Program Can Fulfill The Great Commission However, A Community Of Believers Committed To Transforming The World Through The Process Of Disciple Making Can Harvey A Herman Is A Missionary Serving University Students Over The Previous Three Decades He Pioneered Five Campus Groups, Pastored A University Church In Seattle, And Served On The National Staff Of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Presently, He Serves As Area Director Over The Northeast His Doctorate Is In Strategic Leadership And Organizational Management

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    If you re reading this, or have read this, you re probably are or have gone through Leadership Training Class for Chi Alpha And I would just pray that you truly cherish these words and lessons in your heart and mind for these will really help you with not just building up a small group and disciples, but brothers sisters for eternity Through this class, the Lord has revealed to me that I will be with college aged students even after I graduate from Sam It was hard but I willfully laid down a very prestigious internship and career path for something so much better God s love and eternity with Him And to have others get to know Him and His love I do not regret going through LTC and having to go through DBD, and even if you re just reading this book outside of the Chi Alpha ministries, this book will definitely help you in furthering God s Kingdom.In the years of my growth with the Lord, I have never grown so much in such a short amount of time than now, reading the DBD, going through the chapters with the staff, and applying what is written Though this book is quite old and filled with cheesy comics, it has definitely worked for years for Chi Alpha I would not be where I am, had it not That s Transgenerational Discipleship for you

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    This is a MUST READ for anyone trying to establish a dna of discipleship in their ministry When I entered university as a student, I was heavily involved in campus ministry as a student leader Now I work as a campus minister in Indonesia As a student I saw all these principles done unknowingly by an amazing staff and student leaders Reading it now provides great insight into how to replicate what I was so blessed to experience as a student.We used the lessons in the second half of the book to teach a discipleship class to our leaders, and it was received very well.