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Thank You, Mrs. M Benjamin Evans Cares For His Younger Sister And Brother But Still Finds Some Time For College Then He Receives An Offer Of A Full Scholarship, If He Communicates With His Anonymous Benefactor Via Voice Recording Dubbing His Patron Mrs Moneybags, He Proceeds To Share Private Details Of His Life In Addition To The Required Details About School Soon Ben S Curiosity About His Sponsor Increases, And He S Determined To Discover Her Identity.

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    A deal s been struck a mysterious benefactress will sponsor Ben through college, but in return every day he s got to send her an hour s musings on his life and college course Gradually, like Mrs Moneybags as Ben calls her , we learn about Ben s life it s not been easy and he s still supporting his younger brother and sister but he s interested and interesting The identity of Mrs M doesn ...

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    I vaguely remember reading in Kate Rothwell s blog that she got flack for writing a story inspired by the classic young adult romance Daddy Long Legs but with a foul mouthed former criminal as its protagonist What an incredibly short sighted attitude This is not just Daddy Long Legs gender reversed and updated for shock value, but a thoughtful and really interesting re imagining of how the story might play out in today s world There are light homages to the original, which add a bit of extra glow to the romance if you re a fan, but what really made the story for me were the differences It turns out the unknown philanthropist, here dubbed by our narrator Ben as Mrs Moneybags, has private, very unexpected motivations for helping orphaned Ben through college And it was appropriate that Ben, who s described as very smart and thinking outside the box, catches on to what those are.I don t know if I d cla...

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    I had this title in my TBR for ages, dating back to when it was published by Cerridwen Press I was scrolling through my TBR shelf for things to buy during Fictionwise s 60% coupon sale when I clicked on this title Lo and behold, it s currently free from Smashwords And quite frankly, you can t go wrong with free Thank You Mrs M is a retelling of Daddy Long Legs, but this time the narrator is an teenaged Latino male, Ben I have to say, despite some rough patches, I really enjoyed this Since the entire story is told by Ben to a tape recorder, it s difficult to get to know the other characters, but I liked the fact that when we meet Ben, he s already determined to change his life He knows he s at a disadvantage, given where he starts demographically economically, but he doesn t sit around lamenting the situation Given my own demographic economic level, I can t speak as to how authentic Ben actually is as a character, but, for me, the book had a similar feel to Simone Elkeles s Perfect Chemistry series As in the original source material, a romantic relationship does develop, and Rothwell gives it an unique twist that led me to wanting to see We don t really get to know the heroine that well because we only see her through the lens of Ben s words I would love to see Rothwell do another take on this story, but from the heroine s POV I have this categorized as young adult,...

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    Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost ACTUALLY 3.5 STARS Thank You, Mrs M was one of those books that I really wasn t sure about to the point of being unsure as I clicked Buy with one click But for some reason, it was the first book I picked to read when I got my Kindle I was hooked from the very first page.I loved the mystery of Mrs Moneybags I spent most of the book guessing about who she could be But once I figured it out and only because I was told I was absolutely shocked It ends up being a person that I never thought she could be I didn t see it coming at all.You know what else I didn t see coming My kindle magically deleting all my notes Now I m left with only my brain for company, and that s really not good for reviews.I found Ben to be a very good narrator He was honest, and I liked how true to life he was He didn t feel flat like most characters with problems do, just like I never found myself annoyed with his decisions or thought processes I liked reading from his point of view.Of course, that brings up another thing I loved the unique way that Thank You, Mrs M was written It was very interesting to only get the story from Ben talking to tapes that he sends to Mrs Moneybags It could be called unreliable, but I thought it was neat I also enjoyed the slight romance Ben just had a way of saying things that made me downright swoon, seriously I...

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    Gender flipped modernized version of Daddy Longlegs is an emotional read, at times raw, at times humorous and always thought provoking as the male first person narrator pays for his education by dictating daily messages to the mysterious Mrs M, his unseen o...

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    I know I m not supposed to rate my own stuff, but Ben was my favorite hero to write.

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