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Midnight Snack (Graveyard Shift:the Adventures of Carson Dudley Book 1) Working The Night Shift At The Neighborhood , Carson Dudley Has Seen His Share Of Weird But Never The Kind That Tries To Kill You, Drain All Your Blood And Stuff Your Body In A Dumpster Something Has Moved Into The Neighborhood And Is Turning Latenight Snackers Into Latenight Snacks, Leaving A Bloody Trail Of Bodies Through The Quiet, Peaceful Seaside City Of Las Calamas With His Trusty Baseball Bat And An Unlikely Collection Of Would Be Battlers Of The Supernatural A Techie Co Ed With A Shady Past, A Trigger Happy Rent A Cop And An Aging Nun With Anger Management Issues It S Up To Carson To Uncover The Evil That Threatens His Beloved Mini Mart And Put It Down Once And For All Before He Becomes The Next Midnight Snack The First Book In A Decidedly Different Horror Comedy Series About A Guy, His Baseball Bat, And Things That Go Bump In The Night Graveyard Shift, The Adventures Of Carson Dudley In An Ordinary Ciy In An Ordinary Neighborhood In An Ordinary Store For An Ordinary Clerk Things Are About To Get Freakin Nuts

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    1.5 to 2.0 stars While not a bad book, this one was just to the left of okay in my opinion It is a fast, short read that fits within the genre of camp horror comedy Without giving away any spoilers, the story involves a convenience store clerk who works the night shift and becomes involved in trying to solve some bizarre murders that may be tied to supernatural creatures There are a few areas of sharp witty dialogue, especially when the characters are channeling Star Wars, Lost Boys and other classic films Unfortunately, there wasn t enough of these moments to make me rate this higher That is what makes this sub genre so difficult to do well If you aren t laughing much of this time, then the story becomes very forgettable I will say that I will check out future work by this author as I think the good parts of this story were very enjoyable and the main character was very likeable.

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    I really liked this book I found it a little slow at first while the characters were getting developed I enjoyed getting to know the characters though and absolutely loved Sister Becky She was awesome A vampire butt kicking nun The vampire, Vanessa, was exactly what you would expect out of an old world vampire with a few added twists The descriptions of her were quite good and I could visualize her very easily and it creeped me out I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.