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Barack Obama Revised Series Is Accessible And Reader Friendly For Today S Kids Profiles Of Influential Figures And Newsmakers From Different Walks Of Life Revised With Fact Boxes, Sidebars, And Pull Quotes A Time Line Of Career And Personal Milestones New Feature Fact Files Highlight Fun, Lesser Known Information New X Trim Size Full Color Photographs That Closely Match The Text Glossary, Index

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    Barack Obama was a choice my 5 yr old made when we were at the library When asking me if it was okay that we check it out, I replied Sure As long as you don t turn into a Democrat I took him with me voting this fall and we ve been learning all about the process Combine that with our study of president s this month for President s Day and this was a good choice Only problem was, it was for a slightly older age group Usually that doesn t stop me, I read him chapter books and he s fine But there were a lot of vocabulary words he didn t know, like campaigns, candidates, House of Representatives, Senate, bills, etc It was a little too much It went over his whole life and we choose to focus on the words that he did know or were something that we could explain The fact that Obama was the first African American president is something he understood since we discussed Martin Luther King on Martin Luther King s Day and the underground railroad and slavery He also was interested in the term first lady when talking about Michelle Obama Overall, it was not something I would have picked for him initially, but since he picked it himself, I m a big advocate of at least trying to read older material, and then answering any questions he has about it I think this is a good rule for kids at any age For kids around 3rd grade or up, this would be an excellent choice for social studies.

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    Summarize the bookThis book talks about the life and accomplishments of Barak Obama It starts out talking about how he gave a speech in 2004 announcing that he would be running for president of the United States The book then talks about his life as a young child growing up in Hawaii and how his father who was from Kenya, had left his mother It also talked about how his mother remarried a Muslim man who took Barak to a mosque Barak then became a Christian after attending a Catholic school The book then talks about his life as a teenager as well as how he met his wife Michelle when he working for a summer in Chicago while he was in law school at Harvard He was the able to win a seat in the state senate in Illinois That prompted him to run for the House of Representatives, but he lost the election He then decided that he wanted to run for president and he won He became the first African American to be president The end of the book also shows a timeline of the significant events in his life Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre What makes it traditional literature What makes it historical fiction This is a biography because it talks about the life story of a person who made an impact in history This book was written by someone else about Barak Obama witch make it a biography and not an autobiography Identify specific literary or educational concepts that could be integrated into the classroom eg This book is a good text to use when teaching how to make inferences, or This books deals with bullying and would be useful when beginning a discussion about bullying in the classroom This would be a great book for younger readers who are beginning to learn about doing research or reading about specific people It would be perfect to use this book if you wanted to show students an example of a biography and how to use it The timeline could also be used as an example if you were doing a social studies lesson about timelines Provide any other suggestions that would be useful regarding literary content, reading level, and other ways in which the book might be integrated.This books is written at a 3rd grade reading level and could be used in any of the intermediate grades if they wanted to read or do research about Barak Obama.

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    Informative read for elementary middle school students about Barack Obama s life leading up to his 2008 presidential win The layout is done very well with nice photographs, interesting facts, a timeline and glossary.

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    People We Should Know Barack Obama is a book written specifically for children who want to know a little bit about the life of Obama and his rise to the presidency Used for Who is Our President and What Does He All Day storytime February, 2010.