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    De nuevo vuelvo al portentoso Harry Stephen Keeler, en una de sus descabelladas historias, plagadas de casualidades y de intrincado argumento Noches de ladrones Thieves Nights, 1929 da comienza cuando Ward Sharlow responde al extra o anuncio del rico John Atwood, en el que se le requiere para hacerse pasar por su hijo Calvin Atwood Al mismo tiempo, sabemos de la carta del padre de Sharlow, que este guarda desde hace tiempo, para ser abierta el d a de su 27 cumplea os, ya cercano A partir de aqu todo se sucede sin freno.Keeler sigue en Noches de ladrones el patr n de historias dentro de historias dentro historias, remiti ndonos estas a Delancey, el Rey de los Ladrones El dominio de Keeler es extraordinario a la hora de integrar estas sub tra...

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Thieves Nights Little Did Ward Sharlow Know That When He Agreed To Impersonate Calvin Atwood For A Month, That He Would Be Flirting With Prison And Scandal When The Man Who Hired Him Suddenly Dies, Ward Has To Decide When And Where To Come Forward With The Truth But Before He Can Speak, The Shaggy Dog Stories And Flashbacks About The Raffles Like Delancey Start Flying Fast And Loose, And Even The Most Rabid Reader Of Harry Keeler S Webwork Mysteries Will Ask Himself What The Hell Is Going On

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Thieves Nights
  • Harry Stephen Keeler
  • English
  • 28 May 2019
  • 9781605433974

About the Author: Harry Stephen Keeler

Born in Chicago in 1890, Keeler spent his childhood exclusively in this city, which was so beloved by the author that a large number of his works took place in and around it In many of his novels, Keeler refers to Chicago as the London of the west The expression is explained in the opening of Thieves Nights 1929 Here were seemingly the same hawkers selling the same goods here t