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The Story of Georgias Boundaries Georgia S Boundaries Are Than Mere Lines On A Map They Reflect Centuries Of Wars And Treaties, Political Maneuvering And Litigation, Heroic Actions And Human Error From The Arrival Of Europeans In The New World Through Legislative Resolutions In , This Book Recounts The Landmarks, Events And People That Have Shaped Present Day Georgia Dr Morton Has Written A Well Researched Account Of The Development Of The Colony And State Of Georgia With Particular Focus On How Its Boundaries Were Determined And Measured His Attention To Detail Provides Hitherto Little Known Facts Presented In A Straightforward Manner This Book Will Be Useful To Scholars As Well As Lay Readers Interested In What Could Be A Mundane Topic, Brought To Life With Personalities And Anecdotes He Also Discusses The Legal Activity Involving Georgia S Boundaries For The Past Two Centuries, Including The Recent Brouhaha With Tennessee Prompted By The Drought I Highly Recommend This Informative And Enjoyable Book Jamil Zainaldin, President, Georgia Humanities Council TABLE OF CONTENTS List Of Maps Illustrations Introduction I Setting The Stage Important Dates I II Georgia, The Thirteenth Colony Important Dates II III The Birth Of A State And A Nation Important Dates III IV Defining Georgia Important Dates IV V Georgia S Boundary Disputes Important Dates V Epilogue About The Author Acknowledgements Bibliography Index

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    Boundary disputes exist between many states, and some of them are long standing Georgia s boundaries with North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee are all included in this volume The boundaries with the Mississippi Territory before Alabama was formed and with parts of the current United States owned by countries such as France and Spain in the colonial period are treated as well Since the book was written, Georgia tried to reassert a claim to a strip about one mile wide which would give them access to the Tennessee River So far the land remains part of Tennessee While it was an interesting read, it lacks the depth of treatment some volumes of this nature provide.The volume appeals to the layman than the historian or geographer.

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    Interesting book It is amazing that just 200 years before my father was born, Georgia was being settled by the English.

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