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Ceramics of Ancient America This Is The First Volume To Bring Together Archaeology, Ethnography, And Art History In The Analysis Of Pre Columbian Pottery While Previous Research On Ceramics Has Been Divided Among These Three Disciplines, This Volume Shows That Integrating Approaches Provides New Understandings Of Many Different Aspects Of Ancient American Societies Contributors From A Variety Of Backgrounds In These Fields Explore What Ceramics Can Reveal About Ancient Social Dynamics, Trade, Ritual, Politics, Innovation, Iconography, And Regional Styles Essays Identify Supernatural And Humanistic Beliefs Through Formal Analysis Of Lower Mississippi Valley Great Serpent Effigy Vessels, Costume And Dress In Moche Art, And Ecuadorian Depictions Of The Human Figure They Discuss The Cultural Identity Conveyed By Imagery Such As Andean Head Motifs, And They Analyze Symmetry In Designs From Locations Including The American Southwest Chapters Also Take Diachronic Approaches Methods That Track Change Over Time To Ceramics From Mexico S Tarascan State And The Valley Of Oaxaca, As Well As From Maya And Toltec Societies This Volume Provides A Much Needed Multidisciplinary Synthesis Of Current Scholarship On Ancient American Ceramics It Is A Model Of How Different Research Perspectives Can Together Illuminate The Relationship Between These Material Artifacts And Their Broader Cultural Contexts Contributors Dean Arnold George J Bey III Michael Carrasco David Dye James Farmer Gary Feinman Amy Hirshman Yumi Park Huntington Johanna Minich Shelia Pozorski And Thomas Pozorski Jeff Price Sarahh Scher Dorothy Washburn Robert F Wald

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